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JKR-UK Hombu,
Zanshin, Nottingham
JKR-UK Brighton
JKR-UK Cambridge
JKR-UK K2, Crawley
JKR-UK Fudoshin, Telford
JKR-UK Konishi, Digswell
JKR-UK Meiyo Karate Club, Nottingham
JKR-UK St Ives, Cambridge
JKR-UK Tora-Do, Mansfield Woodhouse
JKR-UK Yamakai Karate, Flitton

The JKR-UK Dojo Network

The JKR-UK does not allow anybody below the grade of Sandan (3rd Dan) to run a dojo. A Shodan or Nidan may teach under the guidance of a JKR senior nominated by the JKR-UK Chief Instructor.

If you are a JKR Dan grade and wish to teach you must attend the JKR International Instructors seminars and the JKR-UK instructors program.

Therefore all JKR dojos in the UK have well trained and fully qualified sensei. Dojo sensei will be CRB/DBS checked.
The dojo will provide a qualified First Aid attendance at all sessions.
All dojo’s will have instructor and member insurance.

All JKR-UK dojo’s offer membership and licencing to the JKR. Gradings and certification is recognised by the JKR International and the JKR Hombu in Tokyo, Japan.
Only Gradings organised at a JKR-UK dojo are genuine Shindo Jinen Ryu/Ryobukai grades.

The JKR-UK is gradually expanding its dojo network throughout the UK.
All attempts are made to keep the dojo list as up to date as possible, but please contact the JKR-UK administration for your nearest dojo, just in case you can’t find one near you on this website.